Welcome To The Alpha Clinic

Welcome to the Alpha Clinic with premises at Guildford and Woking. Specialising in back pain, migraine and cervicogenic headaches, neck and shoulder girdle pain, trapped nerves, sciatica*, tingling*, and numbness*. * (These last three conditions can usually be addressed successfully if they are due to a musculoskeletal problem such as a misaligned vertebra or a muscular spasm. If they are a result of a disc prolapse or pathology medical intervention is required).

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The Alpha Clinic is devoted to delivering individualised quality care to all it’s patients.

Time is allowed to listen to all your concerns. In addition to addressing a patients chiropractic problem dietary and lifestyle advice is also offered. Sometimes a patient has additional medical conditions including asthma, ovarian cysts, other cysts, fibroids, endometriosis menstrual problems, bronchitis and arthritis to name a few.

These conditions can often be successfully addressed or at least supported by using celloid minerals (see under Practitioner and treatment section) and other nutritional products and treatments.

2 Clinics (click to view location details):

GUILDFORD (01483) 827039

WOKING (01483) 724300